The Gathering I

An Advanced Shamanic Reiki Certification

The Gathering I Description

A detailed study of prayer, meditation, protection, singing/chanting, drumming/rattling, self-healing, healing of other selves; Shamanic & Japanese Reiki practices; Reiki hand placement; introduction to chakra system, smudging, creating sacred space, altar setup, and crystal usage; development/deepening of your relationship with Spirit. This spiritual gathering is about bringing the knowledge and wisdom from healing traditions in a very innovative and intuitive way.

Certification Requirements

  1.  based on The Gathering completion

  2.  twelve client case reports (for Gathering II & III)

The Gathering I Objectives:

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

   ✅ describe with confidence what Shamanism & Reiki is to other selves

   ✅ setup an altar, and how to utilize it in your sessions and personal life

   ✅ do circle shoulder massages

   ✅ explain and describe what an attunement is

   ✅ define disease in regards to energetic imbalances

   ✅ perform Gassho meditation

   ✅ do a self-healing, self-energy scanning (hands and intuition), cleansing methods for the transmission of Reiki

   ✅ transmit Reiki to other selves: people, animals, plants, crystals, situations, places, etc.

   ✅ introduction to energy scanning (hands & intuition)

   ✅ utilize the healing guide for disease

   ✅ create sacred space in alternate realities beyond space/time, time/space through Shamanic Journeying and know its benefits for your  spiritual practice

   ✅ discover your Spirit animal(s)/guide(s) and how to work with them

   ✅ learn how to connect to Nature and invite into sacred space

   ✅ describe/recognize the chakra system, corresponding mudras, and bija (seed) mantras

   ✅ to open/close a sacred circle/space anywhere

   ✅ perform basic smudging technique on self and other selves

   ✅ demonstrate Reiki hand placement

   ✅ confidently conduct complimentary healing sessions

   ✅ learn how to invite and develop a deeper connection with our Infinite Creator through daily prayer, meditation, and adoration of  Him which in turn will build and fortify your self-confidence and self-esteem.

February 11-12, 2021

Las Vegas, NV

Thursday: 1500 – 2100; Friday: 0800 – 1500



 Enrollment deadline: January 31, 2021 
Tuition is per person

First three to pay-in-full by 01/09/2021,
receive two gifts:

Plant Therapy Chakra Set ($60 value)

- Shamanic Reiki book by Llyn  Roberts ($15 value)



$333 by 01/09/2021

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Field Sunset


$369 after 01/09/2021


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Night Sky


$369 three installments

  1. Initial Deposit: $123

  2. January 09, 2021: $123

  3. February 09, 2021: $123


($618 value) - save $249

I Am Ready, Let's go!

The Gathering


It is time to step into your spiritual journey and become part of the few practitioners who offer this healing.


The Gathering II

Symbol usage and a deepening of your spiritual practice & relationship from

"The Gathering I"


The Gathering III

Mastering current skills & techniques with utilization of the master symbols. Teachings on becoming a spiritual

"master" teacher.