February 11-13, 2021

   Limited Space (9 students)   

Las Vegas, NV

An Advanced Shamanic Reiki Certification

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. To anyone thirsting I will give from the spring of the water of life free.”
Rev. 21:6

The Gathering, an advanced Shamanic Reiki certification, is an in-depth spiritually driven ceremony. Yes, a ceremony. Why? Life is a ceremony and should always be celebrated, let alone stepping into your innate spiritual right and power is something to be celebrated, the journey itself is the ceremony. Regardless if you are new to spirituality or not, The Gathering will deepen your personal healing, confidence & trust in yourself and Spirit, initiating you into your own innate power, but also connecting you deeply to the Divine, yourself and all creation.

There are many beliefs, philosophies and religions, but there is only One Infinite Creator that allows us to transmute energy.

There are various names that appoint to God, either name that resonates with you can be used, such as Great Ancient Spirit, One Infinite Creator, Spirit, Universe, Lord, Father or your own form of direction to God. Personally, I use them all interchangeably, however I use God, Spirit, or One Infinite Creator more frequently. Ultimately, what matters is to what you are connecting to and your intention when you use a specific name referring to God.

Reiki & Shamanism in a Nutshell


Shamanism and Reiki are spiritual practices that can be done by anybody and everybody. They are spiritually driven by nature and not religion based.

Shamanism existed 30’000yrs ago and shamans existing 10’000yrs ago because of excavations. Reiki was “re-discovered” by Mikao Usui 100yrs ago, which is administered through “laying of hands” similar to how Jesus Christ did, yet some of that knowledge has been lost.

Shamanism is an indigenous spiritual practice, it is a word given to the practice of a spiritual practitioner, commonly called a shaman, that believes through experience that all creations from God/Spirit have the same essence from God/Spirit, but with different elemental healing qualities/characteristics which can be accessed by the shaman for healing to be done. Including, but not limited to, the air we breathe and the winds of our planet; the waters we drink or that flow over the earth; the fire from the sun that kisses our skin or the fires from stars, volcanoes, and depths below earth; the Earth herself and the plants, animals, rocks, minerals, soils and trees; as well as ancestral, human, and other guiding/ally Spirits.

Reiki – pronounced Ray-key consists of two words, “Rei” meaning God’s wisdom and “Ki” life force energy. In simple, it mean’s universal life force energy. And it is a safe, simple, and non-invasive technique that anybody and everybody can benefit from.

Even though this form of energetic spiritual work dates back during and before Jesus Christ’s existence, the technique was rediscovered and understood as a Japanese technique by Mikao Usui in the late 1800s.

In bringing this knowledge and healing traditions, The Gathering will empower you not only as an individual, but as a spiritual practitioner to deliver profound healing treatments as a pillar of Light. This healing potential is limitless, allowing the spiritual practitioner to merge deeply into their own connection, intuition, and all Godly creations, which in turn brings the supporting tools in healing treatments.



The Gathering

Take the next step in your spiritual journey and become part of the few practitioners who offer this healing.


Shamanic Reiki


Why Shamanism and Reiki are empowering when brought together in light of the

One Infinite Creator.


Did you


The instructor, Ecktor Romero, is native to Las Vegas, NV as a licensed cosmetologist & certified Indian head masseuse.

The Pillar of Light is You


You are the pillar between the skies and Earth, constantly harnessing The Light, anchoring it and sharing it.


The power of healing, is not a gift that only a select few can do. It is an innate knowing that lies dormant within all of us. In fact, we send healing frequently consciously unaware of it. If you have ever prayed, sent a blessing, wishfully thought/intended well towards someone, something, a situation or event. Then, you already are using the power of healing and more.