tHAIRpist® Gathering II Outline

A Sacred Merging of God with Hairdressing & Spiritual Knowledge

tHAIRpist Gathering II Description:

A detailed study of practitioner's development/deepening with God, Jehovah, to co-create; further connecting/working with dracons (dragons) as guides and other spirit animals/guides to co-create; three Reiki symbols and their usage; long distance healing; hair sacredness, hair magick, sacred hair baths®, cosmic haircuts®, sacred hair ritual; healing by utilizing knowledge of the human anatomy, physiology, subtle bodies, chakra system, and using the eyes, breath and the power of deliverance/command; shamanic journeying to upper, middle, and lower realms; shamanic plant and crystal/stone healing; emergence with your tools; pathology introduction; prayer meditation, God's armor for protection, singing/chanting, drumming/rattling, self-healing, healing of other-selves; shamanic and Japanese reiki practices; cardinal direction and their corresponding elements and energies; intermediate smudging, creating sacred space


These teachings are fundamental support in the attempt of not only deepening the knowledge and wisdom of spiritual traditions, but bridging them in an innovative and intuitive way with hairdressing.

Upon completion of this course, practitioner should be able to:

  • invite and continue developing a deeper connection with God, Jehovah, through daily prayer, meditation, and adoration of, which in turn will build/fortify self-confidence and self-esteem

  • describe hair sacredness and its importance to the human psyche (for gathering I)

  • connect/work with dracons as guides and other spirit animals/guides on a deeper level to co-create

  • recall/utilize the seven directions and their corresponding energies; call them into sacred space

  • properly cleanse and bless using different sacred herbs

  • confidently relax and put the client in a trance-like state with shamanic and hypnosis techniques through basic breathwork and guided meditations

  • recognize and or describe the basic human anatomy & physiology for Reiki

  • conduct a healing session using knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, chakras, elements; healing through eyes, breath and power of deliverance/command

  • journey to upper, middle, and lower realms

  • remotely transmit healing energy (long-distance healing_

  • merge with nature for self-healing

  • for a targeted treatment, identify and recognize what chakras, elements, and/or energies may be out of balance in clients by using the information obtained from the client pre-talk

  • utilize basic pathology, mental and physical disease information for targeted treatments

  • recognize nergy/entity intrusions in clients and tactfully extract them

  • expand spiritual practice without sacrificing self essence or values

  • confidently conduct a complete healing session, whether it's a standalone session, sacred hair bath®, cosmic haircut® sacred hair ritual, hair magick, or chakra alignment

  • utilize/explain a client release form, disclose service pricing and agree on exchange of something valuable for services

  • understand liability insurance and legal framework in the art of healing

September 20, 2020

Las Vegas, NV

Sunday: 0900 – 1800 (9AM - 6PM)


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