tHAIRpist® Gathering Outline

A Sacred Merging of God with Hairdressing & Spiritual Knowledge

tHAIRpist Gatheirng Description:

A detailed study of practitioner's development/deepening with God, Jehovah, to co-create; connecting/working with dracons (dragons) as guides and other spirit animals/guides to co-create; shamanic & Japanese reiki practices; reiki hand placement; creation, prayer, meditation, psychic defense, crystal usage, singing/chanting, drumming/rattling, self-healing, healing of other-selves; nature connection, chakra system introduction, sacred herb introduction, creating sacred space, altar setup


These teachings are fundamental support in the attempt of bridging the knowledge and wisdom of spiritual traditions in an innovative and intuitive way with hairdressing.

Upon completion of this course, practitioner should be able to:

  • invite and continue developing a deeper connection with God, Jehovah, through daily prayer, meditation, and adoration of, which in turn will build/fortify self-confidence and self-esteem

  • connect/work with dracons as guides and other spirit animals/guides to co-create

  • describe the creation using alchemical and modern science terms

  • define energy in an alchemical and scientific sense

  • describe head, hair, and crown sacredness

  • describe what Shamanism & Reiki are

  • explain and describe what an attunement is

  • setup an altar, and how to utilize it in your sessions and personal life

  • how to protect, power-up and purge

  • do circle shoulder massages

  • describe/recognize/utilize the chakra system

  • define disease with regards to energetic imbalances

  • perform gassho meditation

  • do a self-healing, self-energy scanning (hands and intuition), cleansing methods for the transmission of reiki

  • transmit reiki, while using shamanic practices to other-selves (people, animals, plants, crystals, situations, places, etc.)

  • perform energy scanning (hands & intuition)

  • utilize the healing guide for disease

  • to open/close a sacred circle/space anywhere

  • create sacred space in alternate realities beyond space/time, time/space through shamanic journeying and know its benefits for your spiritual practice

  • learn how to connect to nature and invite into sacred space to co-create

  • understand the usage of sacred herbs

  • perform basic smudging technique on self and other selves

  • demonstrate the reiki hand placements

  • confidently conduct a complete healing session

  • utilize/explain a client release form, disclose service pricing and agree on exchange of something valuable for services

  • understand liability insurance and legal framework in the art of healing

September 19, 2020

Las Vegas, NV

Saturday: 0900 – 1800 (9AM - 6PM)


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