Specialties and Skills

Using an Ayurveda holistic approach, I have combined the knowledge,
skills, and passions as a Cosmetologist, Shamanic Reiki practitioner,
Indian Head Masseuse and essential oils enthusiast to deliver a beauty
balancing experience to your whole self (mind, body, and soul), creating
a separation from the outside world and focusing in the world within you.


Hair is like the skin on your face and it should be treated as such. With
that in mind, the hair is to be properly analyzed, cleansed, and prepped
prior to any cutting, styling, or organic haircolour service, which is
expected of me.











How one wears their hair says a lot about the person. What do you want your hair to say about you? Does your hair resonate with you? How is your relationship with your hair? Theses are key to finding a balanced hairstyle that suits you. I specialize in the aesthetic beauty of people from the inside out. With knowledge of classic to recent hair trends for men and women, your hair statement is tailored and customized to your lifestyle, but most importantly the best resonance of yourself from within. With the combination of intuitive haircutting, organic haircolouring, my intuition and your input, we will create and bring beauty in balance.

For spiritual well-being, I also specialize in Shamanic Reiki with guided meditatations, which is a combination of your active participation in Native American and Japanese energetic spiritual techniques with guided meditations that stimulate you as a whole, restoring physical, spiritual, and/or emotional balance of yourself. Indian Head Massages also support a healthy balance by nurturing your whole self through increased oxygenated blood circulation and lymph drainage, in turn balancing of energy centers (known as Chakras), hair growth, headache/migraine relief, relaxation and more. Rest assured I have your indulging, relaxing, look good and feel good beauty needs in mind to balance with your whole self (mind, body, soul and Spirit).