🔥 Ride the waves | Embody the dracón

Rise like a phoenix | Fly with angels | Play with faeries

Set the world on fire 🔥


Inviting 12 Angelic Faerie Dracón Voyagers to fly and flow in Sounds of Dracóns & Angelic Faeries with us,

are you one of them?

Move your body and flow through sound like the ocean waters as it moves through you and to you, experiencing a profound connection with other-selves and unfound connection with yourself. You carry so much love in your heart, like a cup of cacao, pour more into yourself.

❓Are you ready to ride the waves, rather than under them?

❓Are you ready to still the mind & flush stagnant energies by opening the heart?

❓Or, or propagate a powerful intent through flow movement of the soul?

❓Simply curious, lil angelic faerie dracón?

❓oooh...or seeking ocean depth meaning to life?

❓How about connecting with self, others, nature & God, all creation?

❓ooh, ooh, ooh or have a burning desire to awaken the fire that lays

dormant within you, fire your spirit?

On the moon of Cancer, whether you're a crab, a dracón, an angel, a fairy or not,

come fly and flow with Dracó & Svetlana as they unveil an explorative experience of the

mystical realms. During our evening, drop into your heart, opening the channels of creativity

and transformation, expanding it's reach all while sipping on a ceremonially curated cacao recipe,

called 🔥 The Dracón's Breath 🔥 to ignite the fire and dracón within from the heartbeat of Gaia to

you and through you. 💞

🦀 water intention setting

🌊water blessing

💚dracónheart lotus opening

🌎rooting deeply into Gaia's love and your own

✨delving into subtle energies of empowerment, wisdom, and magick

🙇🏽‍♂️mind, eye, heart, sensorial opening meditations

💃🏽🕺🏽ecstatic flow dance

🕉dracón & fairy mantra

🎼soothing, relaxing, & invigorating music

📖dracón, angel, & fairy storytelling

🐲dracón Gaia (KAKAO dracon)

and more....😱

Sounds of Dracons and Angelic Faeries_07


Using 100% ceremonial-grade cacao from, which use the WHOLE cacao bean (meaning higher nutritional value, higher vibration, and more noticeable effect upon drinking) native to Peru, called Cacao Chuncho, traditional stone-grinding methods, and bless every batch with a unique intention. The team oversees every part of the supply chain, ensuring they maintain the integrity of this plant medicine from bean to cup.

As stated in "KAKAO Benefits & Uses,"


KAKAO's primary benefit is that it quickly brings you out of the head and into the heart. It helps your body & mind become more receptive and open to all forms of meditation, connection and creativity.

KAKAO is a beautiful connector and can assist you with not just meditation, but also in dancing & singing, writing, setting your daily intention, or even connecting with a friend or romantic partner.


Whole cacao beans, which KAKAO uses, contain many compounds that are known for increasing bliss, the feeling of love, and sensuality.


Additional benefits

  • calm nervous system

  • creativity

  • blood circulation and digestion

  • assist meditation & inner-work

  • clear any blocked/stuck emotions

  • connection to self, others, nature and God

  • aphrodisiac

  • increased energy, without the nervous buzz one get from caffeine!

  • prolonged focus

Read more about KAKAO here.

Read about dracón Gaia here.


I'm ready, Let's Go!

 Your facilitating guides 

Sounds of Dracons and Angelic Faeries_02

Shamanic reiki master tHAIRpist,
meditation facilitator,

life regressor, musician

With God's constant blessings through sacred musical sounds, dracóns, & other mystical beings like faeries, Dracó focuses in bridging the gap between our world & beyond, all while bringing the New Age of Hairdressing in sacred, yet innovative ways.

Sounds of Dracons and Angelic Faeries_02

Reiki master/teacher, crystal healer, sound therapist, meditation teacher,
retreat facilitator

From Czech Republic to Las Vegas,  dedicated in guiding you to create a deeper connection with your intuition,

while gaining clarity and inner peace as you release stress and anxiety.




For thousands of years, cacao has been revered as sacred by the ancient Olmec, Mayan and Aztec civilizations. The criollo strain from Guatemala was highly significant to the local cultures that it was used as a currency in trade, given to warriors as a post-battle reward, and served at royal feasts.

The ancient Olmecs were the first to propagate Theobroma cacao trees around the Pacific Coast of Mexico as early as 1750BC, and it continued to be highly valued by the cultures that followed, including the Mayans and Aztecs. The Aztecs valued the cacao bean so much that they used them as currency, and expanded their empire to the regions where it natively grew so they’d have access to its bounty.

The word ‘cacao’ originated from the Mayan words “Ka’kau”, the Mother Cacao Tree, and the word “chocolate” stems from “chocol’ha”, the drink, and the verb “chokola’j”, “to drink chocol’ha together”.  The modern word “chocolate” stems from two words in Nahuatl, the language spoken by many native groups: chocolatl, which literally means “hot water,” and cacahuatl, which referred to a bitter beverage made with cacao that was shared during religious ceremonies. Later on, the word "Cacao" became what we use today.​

In Mayan culture, it was believed that cacao was discovered by the gods in a mountain that also held other delectable sacred foods. According to Mayan mythology, it was prohibited from nearing the tree. Hunahpú's daugher, Ixquic, then having fooled the guards of the tree, reached the tree where Hunahpu's skull rested. Ixquic's hand was outstretched and was  spat on with the cacao seed, impregnating her and giving birth to twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque. This being the origin of the sacred cacao. 

The botanical name Theobroma cacao continues in this tradition, “theo” meaning “gods” and “broma” meaning food, translating to “cacao, the food of the gods”.

Oral traditions of the Aztec elders talk about Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent deity and spiritual teacher who was responsible for bring the teachings to the Toltecs, or group of wise ones. He brought from the place where the superior beings, or star people lived, the gifts of maize and cacao, and he taught how to cultivate them for sustenance. Cacao, maize, fire and water are especially sacred because these were the elements humanity is said to be created from, the ones gifted to the humans to use so that they could continue to learn and evolve. The story goes that the other superior beings were upset with Quetzalcoatl for sharing something so sacred with humanity.