Part III Misinformation of Consciousness Principles

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

- Albert Einstein

At last we have reached the third part to this blog segment, and it barely scratched the surface of self-empowerment which leads into our self-healing and manifesting capabilities. In “Part II Misinformation of Consciousness Principles,” we stated that we are electromagnetic generators, and as Jack Fraser stated, “…a giant electric field which holds your atoms together, and which uses other electric fields to talk to other bits of yourself.” This information set the basis for the Law of Attraction, an universal law which, in 2011, I was introduced to by the in-depth interview video with Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham, Introducing Abraham: The secret behind “The Secret”?, as the description states,

“Abraham discusses “The Law of Attraction,” “The Art of Allowing” and our “Emotional Guidance System.” They explain, “life is supposed to be fun,” “the purpose of life is joy,” “there’s no such thing as death,” and “you can be, do, or have anything you want.”

In short, we covered some basics on the Law of Attraction, which as we know has gained popularity in recent years, however not all of us have been exposed to this knowledge and if we have, we aren’t implementing it to its full extent. We are meant to have fun, savor all of lives splendor that it has to offer, and more. But where did we faulter?

Back track to when we were children, we were told that we can do anything, we can be anything we set our minds to, that the sky is the limit and to just believe in ourselves. So, we did, we believed it all, didn’t we? We accepted this as facts of ourselves, capable of conquering the world and believing in ourselves. We harnessed the power of manifestation that created our reality. But as we grew older, we were told different, “you can’t do that,” “you won’t make money,” “get your head out of the clouds it will never happen,” “the field is over-saturated,” or “you’re dreaming too big.” We were no longer being fed the same amount of positivity as children and the belief system of ourselves began to deteriorate and before we knew it, we created limitations on our potential through self-doubt, fear, and minimal self-belief.

As we can see, the law of manifestation revolves around the basis of experiences creating beliefs which in turn create our reality. How do we create our reality? We create based on our day-to-day life, through beliefs and experiences. As we discussed before, we attract that of which we focus on or that of which we are resistant and/or in denial of. In other words, we create based on what we already believe to be true of ourselves. But, how do we create a new world without truly “knowing” ourselves, our thoughts, our actions, our mind, our habits? As Dick Sutphen stated in his book, Lighting the Light Within, that in “knowing” ourselves requires an incredibly alert mind. “But I am alert,” we might say. Are we really? Being alert is being observant not only of our external environment, but also of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. In October 2018, I attended a Reiki master retreat where one of the instructors, Rosa Frichtel, presented a document titled, “What are you thinking?” and it read as follows,

“Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions. Watch your actions; they become your habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character for it will become your destiny.”

That is what we would call an alert mind, “watching” ourselves attentively as we go about experiencing our external environment so that we may more readily manifest that of which we desire. We established that we create based on what we believe to be true of ourselves, it’s our belief system that affects our perception and emotions, which in turn manifests all our experiences. The chart below shows how beliefs affect perception and emotion.


Our life is exactly the way it is because we, and we alone created our reality with our beliefs. As Dick Sutphen stated, “it’s easy to recognize your religious and political beliefs, but more difficult to pin down the core beliefs that create all aspects of your life: your weight, health, relationships, job/career, success, and creative expression.”

It is suggested that we examine every area of our life with a fine-tooth comb and decide what is working in favor of our goals and what is restricting. In this close self-analysis, we can change our belief system by recognizing negative disharmonious thoughts and replacing them with a positive harmonious thought in support of our desires to manifest our reality. Recall the document, "What are you thinking?" from my Reiki master retreat? Everything starts as a thought and it can easily become our destiny. We must be watchful and observant. Be alert of the mind, of our entire beingness. We are forever children, forever creating, and we should continue to feed each other positivity to end the creation of self-doubt within each other.

I've created a self-analysis document, download it and use it as a guiding tool and customize it as you see fit.

I hope that these three parts have been beneficial. Share the empowerment and comment your thoughts and/or progress in your journey.

In True Love & True Trust,

Ecktor Romero - ERmakeovers

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