Part II Misinformation of Consciousness Principles

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

- Nikola Tesla

In the previous post, we discussed about responsibly owning and accepting situations for what they are rather what they ought to be and allowing the transformation to be a part of us, like the food we consume is transformed within us to give us energy; thinking of everything as a form/source of energy that carries the potential energy of transforming into something else; and we used the Tetris game as an example of life, as the pieces fall into place, we are to strategically place each piece where we see fit, and be satisfied with the outcome/s. In doing so, we simultaneously increase our energetic drive that can be witnessed by those around us, which then creates a stronger positive electromagnetic field around us. We call this the “happy feeling,” the release of dopamine and serotonin.

“Part II Misinformation of Consciousness Principles,” will expand upon being a positive electromagnetic generator and how it affects us and everything around us, with regards to the law of attraction. This information builds upon the previous post, so if it hasn't been read or need a refresher, then I suggest to re-visit it, otherwise proceed.

Remember when I stated that we are electromagnetic generators? Well, we are. In other words, we are an energetic powered meat suit. How is this so? Well, don’t forget that our nervous system is an electrical wiring network of our body, which through synaptic currents do neurons (or nerve cells) pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron or to the target effector cell to go about our bodily functions. But it doesn’t just stop there, anything and everything that has some atomic substance emits energy, therefore carrying its own electromagnetic field. Similarly, we do too. As Jack Fraser, Master’s Physics, University of Oxford, stated in Forbes, “You are an electric field — a giant electric field which holds your atoms together, and which uses other electric fields to talk to other bits of yourself.” Although we may not be able to see our electromagnetic field, through our senses are we capable of perceiving it and its effects, like that of the wind and air we breathe.

Again, “…you are an electric field…which uses other electric fields to talk to other bits of yourself.” There we have it. Now, let us put that to use by connecting it to our perspective as the factor in deciding whether our life is a hostile experience or tranquil oneness. We know from the previous post that if we responsibly, own-up and accept the situations in our life, we increase our energetic drive and more readily find solutions due to higher vibrational mental clarity, which in turn creates a strong positive electromagnetic field around us. We commonly call this the “happy feeling,” which is the release of the hormone dopamine and serotonin; and when this happens, we go on a happy streak wanting to share this feeling of invincibility with everybody and anybody. Our entire mind, body, and spirit complex vibrates (remember atoms vibrate and we are made of billions of them), every tissue, every cell, every atom within us is spiraling at a higher electrical state which in turn creates a positive electromagnetic field. As we can see a series of events unfold, the key is to continue this high state of being, because the frequency at which we vibrate as a whole determines the potential power we have in attaining our goals. When we use the term "vibe" or the phrase, "I like your vibe/energy," we are essentially referring to and saying that the EMF that we give off, which is another word for our aura and the high vibrational frequency of our mind, body and spirit, is pleasing.

In this high state of being is where The Law of Attraction fits and our life is a tranquil oneness. We attract that of what we are and that of what we concentrate upon, energy flows where our attention goes. So, if there is a flow of positive ions around us, then that of which is of similar polarity will be drawn to us which may come as luck, prosperity, opportunities, etc. even people will naturally be drawn to us for no apparent reason, because they sense our +EMF even though they don’t see it or realize it. The Law of Attraction works similarly if we have a -EMF, we draw in and experience negativity. The qualities we possess, we will attract, so if we want peace and harmony, then we must become peaceful and harmonious. We also attract that of what we resist or are in denial of, which is why it’s of vital importance in our empowerment as a human species to be mindful of our being state, not only feeling but also thinking, because we will attract that of which is of similar polarity.

The following, and last, post to this segment will cover the law of manifestation. Which ties into the first post and this post. The law of manifestation revolves around the basis of experiences creating beliefs which in turn create our reality, and it will build upon these last two posts as a foundation to manifestation.

Share the empowerment and comment your thoughts and/or progress in your journey.

In True Love & True Trust,

Ecktor Romero - ERmakeovers

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