Misinformation of Consciousness Principles

When it seems like everything is falling out of place,

do you ever think, "maybe it's falling into place?"

I couldn’t count how many times I felt like everything was falling apart. I was upset, disappointed, saddened, and angry at myself plus the world. But nothing good came of how I was feeling other than feeling lower than low the more energy I put into the negatives. So, I stopped for a moment and thought, “why is this happening? What am I doing or asking for that I am not seeing the positive of it all?”

The answer is, EVERYTHING! Everything is happening the way it is because I asked for change in my life, I asked for something greater, I asked and received.

The lessons here are, we must take ownership, responsibility, and acceptance of not only our decisions, but also of what we wish and desire regardless of how things fall into place. That’s just it, “ownership, responsibility, and acceptance…regardless of how things fall into place,” by responsibly owning and accepting situations for what they are the perspective from things “falling apart” to falling into place is created. Which in turn charges us with positive electromagnetic ions. Ok, great now we’re a positive electromagnetic ion generator, now what? Remember the sayings, “be careful what you wish for, because you may just get it,” and “ask and you shall receive,” well they can’t be anything more than closer to the truth. The situation with that is we weren’t informed about the powers and laws of affirmation, manifestation, attraction, nor our self which leaves us in distress throughout our endeavors.

For the sake of not making this too long, we’ll start with an explanation of energy and transformation, then go into finer details in later posts.

Firstly, think of everything as a form/source of energy that carries the potential energy of transforming into something else. For example, the food we eat is a form/source of energy or in simple a source of nutrition value, and when you consume it the energy that makes and is stored within the food is broken down and transformed by our body into another form of energy to power us up. Keep in mind, physics states that the total energy of something cannot be created nor destroyed, however it can be transformed from one form to another. That same concept can be applied to situations in our day-to-day life, things aren’t falling apart they simply transform into something else as they fall into place.

In the process of change, transformation must take place and it is the hardest part to see and feel occurring, because we don’t know how situations will unfold and the uncertainty can be frightening. But if we are patient enough, the results have silver linings and a better/larger understanding of things “falling apart” will ensue, which is done by responsibly owning the transformation process and accepting it for what it is not for what it ought to be. When we accept the situations we are in, we allow ourselves to integrate with it, we no longer are resisting but rather partaking in the change and we are able and capable of figuring out the next steps to get to where we desire to be.

The transformation is not separate from us, it is a part of us. If we resist, we fall into denial of ourselves and the transformation not only slows down and comes to a halt, but it reflects the same impact on our growth/development which in turn creates denser feelings/emotions within us causing a breakdown. Indecisiveness and procrastination have the same impact on us, and they too cause distress that eventually may create an imbalance mentally, physically, and/or spiritually. Think of it like a Tetris game, as the pieces fall, we must place them where they belong to create a solid foundation. As we strategically place each piece where we see fit, and are satisfied with them, we simultaneously increase our energetic drive that can be witnessed by those around us, which then creates a stronger positive electromagnetic field around us. The effects are the “happy feeling,” the release of dopamine and serotonin.

In the next posts, we will build upon what was discussed here and explore the powers and laws of affirmations, manifestation, and attraction in detail, which are a vital part of our empowerment as a human species.

I hope that these three parts have been beneficial. Share the empowerment and comment your thoughts and/or progress in your journey.

In True Love & True Trust,

Ecktor Romero - ERmakeovers

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