Shamanic Reiki Healing


"The greatest psyche is how you describe

yourself. The words that follow "I am..."

follow you."

Shamanic Reiki Options

  •  Re-balanced – $111 (+/- 75mins.)

  •  Ceremony – $180 (+/- 90mins.)

  •  Deep rooted healing – $333 (+/- 3hours)




❓Are you ready to clear any blocked, stagnant energies such as emotions/feelings and/or

thoughts by opening the heart, mind and intuition?

❓Do you seek assistance in meditation & deep inner-work? 

❓Or, or guidance to propagate an intention/desire to flourish?

❓Simply curious, George?

❓oooh...or seeking depth and meaning to life?

❓How about connecting with self, others, nature & God, all creation?

❓ooh, ooh, ooh or have a burning desire to awaken the fire that lays

dormant within you, fire your spirit?

❓Perhaps, heal from past trauma by detaching, releasing, and moving forward?

❓or, simply need someone receptively unbiased to listen?

As an active participation of you in Native American, Japanese, and Eastern energetic spiritual techniques with guided meditations which stimulate you as a whole, restoring physical, spiritual and/or emotional balance of yourself, 

offers a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement administered by "laying of hands." It is not a religion and not based on belief, it is guided life force energy that is channeled to you and through you as a whole (mind, body, and soul), creating many beneficial effects including relaxation with feelings of peace, security and overall well-being. 

Sessions may include any combination usage of:

   ✅ prayer, blessings, singing, chanting

   ✅ intentional affirmations

   ✅ deep innersense fun-work

   ✅ breath exercises

   ✅ soothing & invigorating meditations

   ✅ crystals

   ✅ drumming and/or rattling

   ✅ relaxing/ecstatic music

   ✅ sound bath

   ✅ chakra meditation

and/or more, to facilitate a tailored experience just for your needs.


I'm ready, Let's go!

It's time to not only step into your power, but also to claim your rightful sovereignty and create the reality you truly deserve and desire.


Shamanic Reiki


Why Shamanism and Reiki are

empowering when brought

together in light of the

One Infinite Creator.


Did you


Ecktor Romero is

native to Las Vegas, NV as a

licensed cosmetologist & Indian

head masseuse certified.

Spiritual healing lore is not prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information

They are presented as spiritual supports to healing and other life issues. See a doctor or licensed medical practitioner for all health issues.