I am ecstatic to introduce Sacred Hair Baths (SHB) as an in-salon healing treatment.  It is a uniquely crafted healing concept that truly puts the therapist within us, hair caregivers, into perspective. We truly are and can be the tHAIRpists we aspire to be, it’s The New Age of Hairdressing. Your experience may be filled with any combination of the following:

   ✅ shamanic reiki and ayurvedic healing

   ✅ crown activation

   ✅ hair|scalp care benefits

   ✅ chakra & scalp stimulation

   ✅ soothing and invigorating meditations

   ✅ relaxing|ecstatic music

   ✅ sound bath/healing

   ✅ prayer, blessings, singing, chanting

   ✅ chakra meditation

   ✅ TRUE: Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect 

and more...


Take a moment to think of your relationship with your hair. When did you last have a loving relationship with it? What do you currently do to appreciate it, after all it is skin like that of our face/body made of keratinized cells? And what would you do differently to better care for your hair? What events in your life have drawn you to drastically change your hair and how did you feel after the change? How do you feel after any hair service? How do you identify with your hair in relation to image in mind, body, & soul?

((( Pause & Reflect )))

As you continue reading keep your answers in mind.

Just as your body is a sacred temple from Mother Earth, hair is equally as sacred since it resides within the auric field, our aura. Hair serves more than aesthetic beauty, they’re antennas, communicating through the spirit realms for us to listen (feeding into our crown), retaining memory/attachments of its surroundings like a filter and weathering away like the leaves and branches on a tree. We truly believe hair is a living integral extension of ourselves that we unfortunately neglect and at times harm with little to no concern of its well-being.

Varies cultures hold ceremony for hair and some cultures don’t cut it at all for it diminishes its connection to Spirit, such as the Native Americans. In Thai Buddhism the newborn’s hair is shaved, leaving a tuft of hair at the crown, then setting the hair afloat on a banana leaf signifying freedom from the past. Hindus believe that an infant’s hair retains traces of past lives, so, as an act of purification between ages of one and three years, the Mundan head shaving sacrament is performed. Many cultures believe that hair carries something of essence from the person it belonged to, meaning, it could be used as a charm, for both good or evil purposes. Therefore, before professional hairdressing became common, it was essential that you have complete trust in the person you chose to do your hair, you wouldn’t want the discarded locks ending up in the wrong hands.



A ritual bath is a religious or magic ceremony, which involves the use of water to immerse or anoint a subject’s body. A common example is the many forms of baptism, such as total submersion to a symbolic sprinkle or anointing the forehead; which shows how divers ritual baths can be while still sharing the same purification meaning. Ritual baths can be performed anywhere that sacred space can be held, from indoors to outdoors; rivers, streams or ponds. The locus can have mutually reinforcing symbolic meanings, including time, date, planetary and astrological influences.


"Sacred hair baths  are  ritual baths created to

bring beauty in balance with mind, body, soul and Spirit in an innovative sacred way."

The intention is not only for holding sacred space for the participant, but to cleanse/purify the mind, releasing past/present/future energetic attachments and/or soul contracts; and bringing mental/emotional clarity throughout the ceremony—truly caring for your crown and reconnecting you to the divine.



Your Sacred Hair Bath opens with smudging before opening sacred space.
Included with SHB:

   ✅ briefing on the history of ritual bathing and hair sacredness

   ✅ briefing on SHB and why it's creation

   ✅ (( break ))

   ✅ opening of sacred space with mind altering tea, prayer, intention setting

   ✅ meditative crown/hair brushing, ERAPP oiling, self-massage

   ✅ sacred hair bath (crown activation) with ERAPP ACV Rinse

   ✅ shamanic reiki healing

In closing, with blessings in two parts: 

  1. sealing the participant's healing

  2. sharing of participant's experience, closing sacred space with our blessed farewells

For crown activation, a gentle yet invigorating chakra stimulation with essential oils through the crown is done using Shamanic Reiki and Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage techniques, then wrapped in a hot towel. To seal the healing (both literally/figuratively) for the hair & crown, braiding/knotting is done to fortify the healing, otherwise visualization and sealing energetically is done. Lastly, a sharing of participant's experience and writing in journal or innersense fun-work will follow with closing of sacred space and our blessed farewells.

I'm Ready, Let's Go!

Benefits of Rinse for Hair/Scalp

The hair rinse used is our homemade apple cider vinegar rinse cold infused with organic herbs and essential oils. Any allergies are to be disclosed. Apple cider vinegar rinses have great benefits for hair/scalp, especially when infused with certified organic herbs and organic essential oils. Click the image below to see the ingredients list.


  • clarifies as it conditions the hair and scalp

  • removes residue

  • brings back body and shine

  • revitalizes dull hair

  • naturally, decreases tangles

  • helps decrease dandruff

  • unclogs hair follicles which may help with excess shedding or hair loss

A 15-minutes phone or video-call consultation may be scheduled if needed at no additional cost, in-person consultations of 30-minutes are $15. Be sure to schedule consultation under the "Sacred Hair Bath" service. Schedule consultations here.

Who is Not suitable for SHB?


  • with any type of hair extensions

  • having difficulty laying down and/or sitting for long periods of time (contact for more information)

  • having allergies to any of the ingredients in the apple cider rinse (contact to curate a custom ACV)

  • with broken scalp lesions and/or severely cracked/dry scalp

What Participants need to bring/know

  • open heart/mind

  • innersense fun-work to refer to, journal (optional)

  • any extra cushioning item

  • washed hair/body before arriving, it’s okay if hair is still damp

*** CAUTION: Do not stimulate scalp, apple cider vinegar hair rinses will irritate scalp ***

  • dress in loose comfortable clothing; may arrive dressed in all white as purification symbology or at least a white top

  • sacred items you wish to be blessed on altar and/or items that bring you meditation comfort/support

Recommended Dieta (diet)

Avoid consumption/usage of meat, processed food, caffeine, and OTC drugs/medications up to three days prior, but one day minimum from date of ceremony. If you wish, you may fast for a week, three days, or day of ceremony. However, on the day of, do not arrive on a full stomach. Also abstain from any sexual activity for at least three days before and after ceremony. Sexual energy is powerful energy, conserve it for your healing. 

These recommendations set the mood for your ceremony and it is an important aspect to consider for getting the most out of your experience.

For prescribed medication, consult your physician/s, otherwise take medication as prescribed.

Innersense fun-work

The at home innersense fun-work is provided for the participant to prepare before ceremony, downloadable here, along with recommended dieta to best facilitate participant's personal ceremony. The innersense fun-work is a vital part as it sets the intention for the participant when entering sacred space, which may to utilized on the day of the SHB.

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I'm Ready, Let's Go!

It is time to bring your beauty in balance with mind, body, soul, and Spirit in and innovative sacred way.


Shamanism & Reiki


Why Shamanism and Reiki are empowering when brought together in light of the

One Infinite Creator.


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Ecktor Romero, is native to Las Vegas, NV as a licensed cosmetologist,  Indian head masseuse, & Realtor.