"I honor the place in you,

in which the entire Universe dwells.


I honor the place in you,

which is of true Love, of true Trust,

of true Light and of true Peace.


When you are in that place in you,

and I am in that place in me, we are One."

I Am Ecktor Romero.

As an ambitious individual of many skills, I currently hold a cosmetology and Real estate license, with certifications in Indian head massage, shamanic reiki and hypnosis. As a hairdresser for over a decade in the Las Vegas valley, I also enriched my mind, body, and soul on the side by learning to bartend, dance, foreign languages such as conversational French, German, and Italian; real-estate and exploring the wonders of human anatomy and physiology. You name it I probably tried it. But, in 2012, the passion that I once had for the beauty industry was slowly ripping at the seams. I felt the need and desire for doing more than just working on the surface of the public's aesthetic makeup, and through my own self-seeking to transform myself by living with higher purpose came my realization and commitment to helping others find their peace, their happiness, their inner balance and harmony.

Since the age of 14, I had an affinity for spirituality, from stargazing to Hoodoo and Pagan culture, to Wizardry, the Chakra system (seven vital energy centera) and more, but as I grew older I verged away from the interests. Up until 2012, my transformation picked up where I left off as a teenager, thence training in Shamanic Reiki, Indian Head Massages, and brushing back up on the Chakra system plus further studying Auras where I was introduced to Spectro-Chrome Therapy (color therapy). My affinity for knowledge didn't cease either, continuously expanding and growing not only through workshops and reading, but through experience.

However, rather than singularly separating my passions and avoiding the sense of splitting myself, I combined them for balance with mind, body, soul and Spirit.

For over a year I have volunteered my time at The Caring Place, a non-profit program of Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation dedicated to easing the journey of those touched by cancer, there I provide "alternative" healing therapy through guided meditations and Reiki. However, that is only one of over 45 services and programs offered to adults diagnosed with cancer including their caregivers, at no cost.