Namaste Sentient Beings,

We wholehearted invite you to join Brother Sean Walking Bear and myself, Ecktor Romero, to hold space at our 1st Annual Lunar Spring Equinox Ceremony, which is limited to 20 participants.

How to RSVP - Payment

$25/person or two for $40. At the door $30/person

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Zelle: 702-883-5558

Venmo: @ERmakeovers


What Makes it Special?

March 20th is the mark of Spring and we are blessed with the last Super Full Moon, third time in a row, this year. It will be an evening filled with drumming, rattling, singing, storytelling, and of course prayer of gratitude. We encourage bringing drums, rattles, any crystals or tools you wish to be moon bathed (charged), your voice, and open-heart/mind. This is an outdoor event, wear warm clothing, bring a yoga mat for comfort, a sleeping bag (if you wish), blankets, etc to stay warm.


At MoNa Sanctuary, an urban private nature sanctuary and farm.

3766 W Arby Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89118

This is an outdoor event, wear warm clothing, bring a yoga mat for comfort, a sleeping bag (if you wish), blankets, etc to stay warm. We will be seated/laying around a pool that has been converted ito a pond. Please note that there are chickens, roosters, goats, and ducks in the area (this is their home, be respectful), but they may not disturb us since it will be night time. Home brewed apple cinnamon hot tea and water will be available, bring snacks if you wish.

Lunar Spring Equinox

1st Annual Gathering

at MoNa Sanctuary

Screenshot_20190220-085904 (1).jpg

Let's create something meaningful and magical together. 



Spring is when we come out from hibernation, which is a time of self-reflection and contemplation of our plans for the coming year, and begin to plant our seeds for our garden to flourish; the garden that we have within and goes untended. It is time to claim our will-power and harness it, to take hold of our selves and life. Throughout this moon bathing evening we invite Grandmother Moon to console our emotions and feelings ruled by the waters that roam through us so that we have courage in our day-to-day life and more easily express our ideas, emotions, and feelings--in turn reclaiming our power. What a perfect time


The evening opens at 5:45 PM with meet and greet of each other and for a chance to fill-out your Beliefs Self-Analysis document; followed by the start of Introductions at 6:15 PM and ending at 9:30 PM. Grandmother Moon will begin her ascension at 6:43 PM and we shall witness her in the sky by ~7:15PM.

5:45 PM

   Doors open

6:15 PM

   Introduction with sage smudging/clearing

6:30 PM

   Pipe Ceremony with Song & Prayer

7:30 PM

   Guided Moon Meditation/Journey

8:30 PM

   Share our Experience

9:15 PM

   Closing Ceremony with Song & Prayer

What's Going On?

The Native American pipe ceremony is an ancient ritual performed by various tribes for thousands of years. It is a powerful and sacred ceremony in which heaven and earth are brought together and the 4 portals of the 4 directions are opened up to allow ancient spirits through and our prayers to the Creator. Sacred chants are sung which allow the powers of the heavens to cleanse, heal, purify and protect the participants. It will leave feeling lighter and peaceful. Sean Walking Bear has experienced these and many other rituals since he was a young boy. He learned to perform many shamanic rites during his life with his teachers. 

Please note: It is customary that women not attend ceremony on their Moon Time (women's cycle). It is seen as being too powerful for ceremony at that time and we ask that you follow this custom.

Ecktor Guides Us

The focus of the guided meditation after Pipe Ceremony is to cleanse and purify ourselves through a union with Grandmother Moon, familiar to familiar, a sharing of knowledge and wisdom, becoming one with her. The idea is inviting her to guide the waters of our body to clear blockages and resistance; an intentional full mind, body, and spirit healing cleanse in a pool of moon water. The key is to allow our feeling/emotions to be fluid like water for easier self-expression/communication.


Click the blog link below, read, and download the "Beliefs Self-Analysis" document, which will be utilized as part of the guided meditation.

Return/Exchange Policy
No returns or exchanges of admission purchase for this exclusive event, Lunar Spring Equinox. Return/refund will be granted to women on their Moon Time. Admission may be transferred to another attendee. Event will continue indoors in the event of unbearable weather.