Indian Head Massage (Champi) Introduction

“He who knows the truth of the body,

knows the truth of the universe"

Alternative names for Indian head massage (IHM) are Shiro Abhyanga massage, or Champi massage. Shiro means head and Abhyanga means massage. Champi stands for “rubbing,” pressure,” “friction,” and most commonly known as IHM. Historically, IHM was common amongst women in India as part of their daily beauty routines. Thence, IHM became a common service for barbers and hairdressers, and popularity grew beyond the Indian borders.

The Champi massage, that derives from Ayurveda, is a non-invasive technique that can be applied on anyone and anywhere, as it doesn’t require any special equipment and is simple to perform. The term Ayurveda derives from the Indian historical language Sanskrit, and means “ayu” (duration of life) and “veda” (knowledge or truth). This term can be translated as “the science of life.” Being a holistic science, Ayurveda recommends us to follow a balanced diet, to practice meditation, yoga, massage and detoxification methods, with the aim of creating harmony between the body, mind, and spirit; which in turn will open the seven centers of vital energy known as chakras.

Ayurveda does not focus on treating illness, but rather on avoiding its appearance, and/or freeing us from an already existing illness through a healthy lifestyle.


The Champi massage balances the body, mind, and spirit as it relaxes the muscles, realigns the joints and enhances their mobility, improves the circulation of blood and energy throughout the body such as chakras (the seven vital energy centers), eliminating toxins; not only treating us on the inside but also providing us outer beauty.

Spiritual healing lore is not prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information

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