Sat, Nov 20 | Renaissance Community(Private Residence)

Kakao Dracón Dance

Come fly with Dracó to awaken the dracón within, explore the realm of dracóns by opening the heart, connecting it to Gaia, their subtle (yet stark) energies of empowerment, wisdom, & magick through breathwork, meditation, mantra, dance & more. Magickally limited to 11 dracón voyagers.
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Kakao Dracón Dance

Time & Location

Nov 20, 2021, 4:15 PM – 7:00 PM
Renaissance Community(Private Residence), 1310 Fabriano Way, Henderson, NV 89052, USA

About the Event

Namaste. Please read entire "about event."

Inviting 11 magickal dracóns to our Kakao Dracón Dance to come fly with us,

are you one of them? 🐉

🐉 Magickally limited to 11 dracón voyagers 🐉

🔥 Awaken the dracón | Embody the dracón | Rise like a phoenix | Set the world on fire 🔥

❓Are you ready to be empowered, claim your sovreignty and harness courage?

❓Has the moment arrived to burn away blocked/stuck energy, e-motions, and/or thoughts?

❓Do you seek guidance in meditation & deep inner-work? 

❓Or, or a group meditation to propagate a powerful intent through movement?

❓Simply curious, lil dracón?🥚🐍

❓have a burning desire to awaken the fire that lays

dormant within you?

❓Perhaps connecting with self, others, nature, God & all creation?

❓oooh...or are you uncertain, in doubt?

Then, when in doubt, continue...

Whether your totem is a dracón or not, Come fly with Dracó to

explore the realm of dracóns, awaken the dracón within, ignite your fire

in the night  and rise like a Phoenix through:

💚heart opening techniques

🐉dracón heart💖activation

🌎rooting deeply into Gaia

✨delving into subtle energies of empowerment, wisdom, and magick

🔥fire breathing💨

🕉dracón mantra


💫shamanic journey

 💃🏽🕺🏽dracón spirit dance



🐲dracon Gaia (KAKAO dracón) 

and more....😱

☕️ all while sipping on a ceremonially curated cacao recipe, called 🔥 The Dracón's Breath 🔥

to awaken the dracón within, ignite the fire, set the world on fire and rise like a Phoenix from

the heartbeat of Gaia. 💞


$108 per person


Address on this event is a place marker as a general idea of where the ceremony will be held.

The correct address will be emailed at time of registration. Keep in mind this is a private residence.


Is the emodiment of dracón-phoenix-horned-seraphim-like Spirit guide, holy trinity and all creation. With God's constant blessings, as a shamanic reiki tHAIRpist, Dracó focuses in bringing the New Age of Hairdressing by balancing beauty with mind, body, soul, and Spirit in sacred, yet innovative ways. With the dracon realm open for Dracó to explore and co-create with, it has taken them through a series of deep initiation, integration, empowerment and healing, which in turn allowed for sharing this primordial wisdom with otherselves so they too may be empowered and healed to then share with otherselves as well. As we begin to express our highest potential so does Gaia and all life on her begin to express their highest potential. All this for the ascension of Gaia.


Using 100% ceremonial-grade cacao from, which use the WHOLE cacao bean (meaning higher nutrionional value, higher vibration, and more noticeable eeffect upon drinking) native to Peru, traditional stone-grinding methods, and bless every batch with a unique intention. The team oversees every part of the supply chain, ensuring they maintain the integrity of this plant medicine from bean to cup.

As stated in "KAKAO Benefits & Uses,"


KAKAO's primary benefit is that it quickly brings you out of the head and into the heart. It helps your body & mind become more receptive and open to all forms of meditation, connection and creativity.

KAKAO is a beautiful connector and can assist you with not just meditation, but also in dancing & singing, writing, setting your daily intention, or even connecting with a friend or romantic partner.


Whole cacao beans, which KAKAO uses, contain many compounds that are known for increasing bliss, the feeling of love, and sensuality.

Additional benefits 

  • calm nervous system
  • creativity
  • blood circulation and digestion
  • assist meditation & inner-work
  • clear any blocked/stuck emotions
  • connection to self, others, nature and God
  • aphrodisiac
  • increased energy, without the nervous buzz one get from caffeine!
  • prolonged focus

Read more about KAKAO here.

Read about dracon Gaia here.

The Dracón's Breath ingredients 

  • coconut milk*
  • almond milk*
  • ceremonial grade cacao**
  • cinnamon**
  • turmeric**
  • nutmeg**
  • allspice**
  • ginger**
  • cloves**
  • cayenne pepper**
  • blue agave honey**

ERAPP oil moisturizer ingredients 

  • cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil**
  • organic sunflower oil**
  • moringa oil**
  • organic jojoba oil**
  • organic coconut oil**
  • organic olive oil**
  • dragon's blood resin**
  • frankincense carteri**
  • cedarwood atlas**
  • sandalwood australian**
  • ylang ylang complete**
  • lemon**
  • roman chamomile**


Dracó, a Vegas native, founder of ERmakeovers, where as a Reiki Master tHAIRpist provides private healing services with God's grace, his Dracón spirit guide and guides using Shamanic Reiki, a blend of indigenous spiritual practice with Reiki, such as soul retrieval, entity extractions; drumming, rattling, guided meditation with hypnosis techniques, crystal healing, singing, chanting, music and more. In bringing this knowledge and healing traditions, the healing potential is limitless, allowing Dracó to merge deeply into his own connection, intuition, all creation with God in the forefront. Which in turn brings the supporting tools to implicate "targeted" powerful treatment sessions, leading a more intimate and intuitive approach. Aside from Shamanic Reiki healing sessions, Cosmic haircuts, Sacred hair baths, and Cosmic head massages are uniquely available at, alongside hair services that bring beauty in balance with mind, body, soul, and Spirit in sacred innovative ways.

  • Dracón Voyager

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