Sat, Apr 10 | Desert Park Community

Chakra Alchemy

Flicker your lights with the fairies & ascend with the dracon into your starseed chakra. Be guided by Sommer & Draco (Ecktor) to alchemize your chakras through self-discovery, the four R's, tranquil sounds, song, reiki infused tea, bliss and more! Magickally limited to 12 Chakra Alchemists.
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Chakra Alchemy

Time & Location

Apr 10, 2021, 1:00 PM – 3:45 PM PDT
Desert Park Community, Henderson, NV 89074, USA

About the Event

Namaste. Please read entire "about event."

Inviting 12 magickal alchemists for a sensorial process to alchemize the chakras through

self-discovery and bringing forth illuminating life force to the subtle energy fields.

Reawaken | Reconnect | Rebalance | Realign

❓Are you ready to reawaken, reconnect, rebalance, & realign thee?

❓Do you seek a synergestic meditation through sound with breathwork, chakras & deep inner-work? 

❓Or, or a collective session which produces lasting effects to all aspects of life?

❓Simply curious, alchemist? 💫

❓oooh...or seeking ways to deepen and widen your practice?

❓How about connecting with self, others, nature & God, all creation?

❓ooh, ooh, ooh or have a burning desire to awaken the fire that lays

dormant within you, to fire your spirit?

If "yes" to any of the above, continue reading.

For all levels of experience doing 'the work.'

Get ready to flicker your lights with the fairies and ascend with the dracon, into your starseed chakra.

Allow us to guide you into a deep state of tranquility to experience complete alchemical bliss!

Chakra (cakra in Sanskrit) means 'wheel,' through which seven vital energy centers of the body absorb and release energy, communicating not only within the body, but the external environment, such as people, animals, situations, events, etc. These centers are associated with the endocrine and nervous system, allowing for a complete tune-up to create optimal health and radiant joy when functioning properly.

Alchemize (v): transform the nature or properties of (something) by a seemingly magical process.

We begin with smudging, opening of sacred space through prayer and song, warm welcoming, introductions & intention setting

Flowing into individualized self-discovery of which chakras are balanced, over/under active, and/or 'closed,' this recognition, awareness and understanding, sets the fundamental foundation to continuosly reawaken, reconnect, rebalance, & realign collectively by engaging the senses to 'rinse' the residues of life; strengthening and tonifing the body (mental, emotional, energetic and physical layers) and finally synchronizing with our divinity through re-alignment of the chakras.

Flicker your light with us as the light of night through:

💚invigorating breathwork

🌎rooting deeply into Gaia, yourself & beyond

✨delving into subtle energies of reawakening, reconnection, rebalance & realignment

🙇🏽‍♂️guided chakra mudra meditation

 💃🏽🕺🏽conscious movement

🕉bij mantra

🎼sound bathing & song


and more....😱

☕️ all while sipping on a tantalizing reiki infused tea to ignite the mind, body, soul, and Spirit within from the heartbeat of Gaia to you, through you, and beyond. 💞


$54 per Chakra Alchemist


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Meet Sommer Leigh, a Holistic Health Practitioner who truly works on all aspects of the body, as a LMT, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Life Coach, Qigong Instructor and Yoga Therapist.

For two decades, Sommer Leigh has flickered her lights as a practitioner and educator. She facilitates holistic and spiritual practices that engage, expand, heal and enlighten those whose paths are illuminated through her light. With Sommer's guidance, people polish their own gifts, learn how to heal themselves and radiate their hearts, living a life of conscious connectivity for self, while also helping others.

Sommer has but one hope and that is that you too come and experience your own innate bodies intelligence and spirit guidance, so together magic and beauty is created, healing the hoop of humanity, returning to source with a happy well fed soul.


A Vegas native, musician, KAKAO ceremony and meditation facilitator, founder of ERmakeovers where as a Reiki Master tHAIRpist provides private healing services with God's grace, his Dracon spirit guide and guides using Shamanic Reiki, a blend of indigenous spiritual practice with Reiki, such as soul retrieval, entity extractions; drumming, rattling, guided meditation with hypnosis techniques, life regressions, crystal healing, singing, chanting, music and more. In bringing this knowledge and healing traditions, the healing potential is limitless in groups and privately, allowing Draco to merge deeply into connection, intuition, all creation with God in the forefront. Which in turn brings the supporting tools to implicate "targeted" powerful treatment sessions, leading a more intimate and intuitive approach. Aside from Shamanic Reiki healing sessions, Cosmic haircuts, Sacred hair baths, and Cosmic head massages are uniquely available at, alongside hair services that bring beauty in balance with mind, body, soul, and Spirit in sacred innovative ways.

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