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Bring your beauty into balance with

mind, body, soul & Spirit


Imagine this, an ACV rinse so versatile that it brings beauty in balance with mind, body soul, & Spirit in a sacred, yet innovative way. ERAPP HWWOPPXQ hair, scalp & crown ACV rinse is a leave-in treatment; hair, scalp & mind clarifier, magick essence; plus, it's natural, vegan, & organic all-in-one. What more could we ask for?

Pronounced /ˈiː-ræp huː-wəʊp-s/

7.8oz | 222ml - $39

With an aromatic earthy grounding herbal scent and enriched with a proprietary blend of cold infused botanicals and oils, this miracle in a bottle not only clarifies as it conditions, but removes residue, revitalizes dull hair, naturally decreases tangles and energetically clears the crown chakra for emotional and mental clarity, plus promotes lustrous hair growth, leaving it & the scalp looking nourished, hydrated and soothed, all while keeping your spirits high and balanced from crown to hair tips! 

Beneficial Properties

Anti-bacterial | Anti-fungal | Anti-viral | Anti-inflammatory

  • No animal testing

  • All natural formulation

  • Vegan

  • Organic

  • Gluten-free

  • Paraben-free

  • Synthetic-free

  • Non-greasy

  • Non-comedogenic

Story Behind


(Click individual phytomedicine ingredient to learn more about it)


Suggested Usage

ACV hair & crown rinse should be diluted and may be used once to twice  a week or more depending on hair/scalp type.

Mix 1-3 tbsp. of ACV to 9 oz. of warm water in a squeeze or spray bottle. Apply to wet hair after shampooing, massage into hair/scalp avoiding eyes. Leave-in for extra conditioning or rinse after 5-10mins. Towel dry hair, apply ERAPP HWWOPPXQ oil moisturizer and air-dry or style as usual. Vinegar scent dissipates as the hair dries. For very long hair, you may double the mixture. For shorter hair, you may cut the formula in half. Energetic hair/crown cleanse: Begin by centering yourself, then tap from crown chakra, down face to declete and so forth. Chant, "ERAPP HWWOPPXQ" for divine dracon love protection, energy clearing, renewal of self and empowerment or set your own divine intention.

Experiment with dilution to find what works best for your hair type. Dry hair likes less vinegar and oily hair likes more.

PRO TIPS: for extra moisture, hydration & slip, depending on hair  length/thickness/type, add 1/4 to a full dropper of ERAPP HWWOPPXQ oil moisturizer to mixture. Shake well, apply to ends and mid-length first and scalp last. For an invigorating minty spa treatment, add one drop of organic peppermint essential oil. Shake well.

Cloudiness with sediment at the bottom of bottle is normal due to the "mother," which contains the natural enzymes and nutrients from organic, raw, non-pasteurized vinegar.

Avoid eye contact. If any irritation occurs, stop usage and contact your physician.


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The logo depicts a dracon eating its own tail, resembling an ouroboros, symbolizing the cycle of life and death.


Hair, Skin & Crown

Repairs and promotes healthy hair growth, leaving it & skin looking nourished, hydrated and soothed, but also energetically clears the crown chakra for emotional and mental clarity.

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