The Gathering III

An Advanced Shamanic Reiki Certification

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It is time to step into your spiritual journey and become part of the few practitioners who offer this healing.

Walking the Path

The Gathering I

Stepping into your inner knowing of healing, development of inner connections & self awareness.


The Gathering II

Symbol usage and a deepening of your spiritual practice & relationship from

"The Gathering I."

The Gathering III Description

A detailed study of Reiki master symbols and their usage; distant healing of karmic issues, past trauma, and/or attachments; human anatomy, physiology, subtle bodies, chakra system, mantras, mudra; healing eyes, breath, and deliverance/command; Shamanic plant and crystal/stone healing; prayer, meditation, God’s armor (protection), singing/chanting, drumming/rattling; additional self-healing methods with microcosmic orbit, Kundalini; additional energy/entity extraction techniques; Shamanic and Japanese Reiki practices; advance smudging; creation of sacred herbs, tinctures and waters; development/deepening of your relationship with Spirit. This spiritual gathering is about bringing the knowledge and wisdom from healing traditions in a very innovative and intuitive way.

Certification Requirements

  1.  based on The Gathering completion

  2.  twelve client case reports (for Gathering II & III)

The Gathering III Objectives:

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

   ✅ describe the usage of the Reiki master symbols, draw, and know when to use them

   ✅ perform advanced relaxation, guided meditations, and breath exercises using Shamanic & hypnosis techniques

   ✅ practice deeper self-healing methods with microcosmic orbit & Kundalini

   ✅ perform the Hui Yin exercise

   ✅ deepen connection to Nature and call into sessions

   ✅ use energy from the land and sacred sites in sessions with permission

   ✅ create your own smudge sticks, plant tinctures, and Sacred (Holy) water

   ✅ transcend time/space, space/time for healing of karmic issues, past events and/or past traumas

   ✅ utilize additional healing techniques such as sound, visualization, essential oils, crystals etc.

   ✅ use advance practices of the chakra system, mantras, mudras; elements, the eyes, breath, and naval

   ✅ clear/bless a dwelling and/or land

   ✅ work with specific pathology, different types of diseases like depression, cancer, infections, anger, various types of pain etc. and utilize the healing guides

   ✅ utilize additional extraction techniques for energy/entity intrusions

   ✅ attune others to Reiki and teach the path

   ✅ protect yourself as a business in the art of healing; liability insurance and legal framework

   ✅ confidently invite and develop a deeper connection with out Infinite Creator through daily prayer, meditation and adoration of Him, which in turn will build and fortify your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Summer 2021

Las Vegas, NV

   Limited Space (9 students)   

schedule coming soon