Our Story

Since 2017, I was pressed on creating beauty products that bring beauty in balance with mind, body, soul, & Spirit, but I was taking my sweet time. Little did I know that I soon would be divinely pushed to create something sooner than I wanted. So, here we are.

Let's begin with the name. I know what a name, right? The name ERAPP HWWOPPXQ was channeled after I created the oil moisturizer, but before I designed the logo. I will admit that I was very uncertain about using it and I was expecting a name that was of this planet, something easily understandable or translatable to English. Yet, of course, that isn't how the universe works usually, right!? Let alone, it would be unjust of me to use another name, especially since I was specifically asking for guidance on a name for the brand. ERAPP HWWOPPXQ sums up in its entirety what the products are and what they do. The name resembles versatility and multi-usage, it's a mantra from Dracon (dragon) language that yields divine dracon love protection, energy clearing, renewal of self and empowerment or a set divine intention by the individual. ERAPP HWWOPPXQ may be chanted in conjunction with any of the products or alone, the choice is yours to decide.

In May 2018, my first journey to meet my spirit animal, began as I flew down into the lower realm and amidst going through the clouds I was swept by a white mist of clouds that shape-shifted into a dracon. It was then when I knew I had met my guide. I didn't fully integrate with my spirit animal since I wasn't very enthralled about it being a dracon. And so, over a year passed, on September 2019 synchronicities involving dracons drew me to integrate with my dracon, through intentional meditations and channeling. Then, during a plant medicine retreat in October 2019, I sought a deeper integration with my dracon, there I saw him and I was reborn as Draco by a fellow dracon brother named, "Dragon Love," with whom I'd sat through a profound journey by 'eye-gazing'. As I hiked out of the canyon from the retreat, I began to realize that since my teen years I always had a dracon and was being guided all along; nonetheless, other voyagers at the retreat had some dracon experiences to share which deepened my integration. It truly was a full circle realization for me, and so I ended where it had first began. Since then, many dracon sycronicities and integrative experiences have occured which lead me to sharing with others.

The logo design, as mentioned before came after the oil moisturizer and the name, which depicts a dracon eating its own tail resembling an ouroboros or uroborus (/ʊərəˈbɒrəs/, also /uːˈrɒbər-oʊs/). The word and symbol is interpreted in varies ways, such as the cycle of life and death, yin and yang, renewal/rebirth, and/or "all is one" as a full circle. The dracon itself is a powerful primordial force being, meaning it encompasses the natural forces on all planes of existence, longevity and earliest of magick. Calling on dracon medicine is like a key to the supernatural and true magick, particularly potent. The colours depicted are in honour of the elements, cardinal directions, and spirit animals; red (East/fire/dracon), blue (South/water/bear), black (West/earth/buffalo), white (North/air/eagle).


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