The New Age of Hairdressing

Using an Ayurveda holistic approach, Ecktor Romero has combined his knowledge, skills, and passions as a Cosmetologist, Shamanic Reiki master, Indian Head Masseuse  and essential oils enthusiast to deliver a beauty balancing experience to the mind, body, and soul.

Reiki Treatment

Shamanic Reiki Master Certified

A Native American and Japanese spiritual healing holistic alternative therapy based on Eastern concepts of energy flow and chakras (seven vital energy centers) in the human body, stimulating the body's healing capabilities to restore physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

Indian Head Massage Certified

A holistic massage technique based on principles found in Ayurvedic medicine derived from India, which aims to encourage the body to heal and rebalance itself; involves working along specific points on the head to stimulate the flow of  'prana,' the body's life force energy.

Your balancing experience is just a click away.



Shampoos are detergents – from $2 to $100. Regardless if sulfate-free, phosphate-free, or this-and-that-free, you are never told the ugly truth. Detergent is for your laundry, not your hair—it’s damaging to hair. Just like fabric softener for clothing, you need conditioner or a treatment; detergent is the culprit. New Wash is the new way to wash your hair—without detergent and with essential oils instead—best of all, it works on all hair types. EVERY type. Save the detergent for your clothes; use New Wash.

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